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       BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group, established in 2005, focuses on the investment and operation of health industry and mainly invests in health brand, enterprise stock equity and relative properties of health industry. In the mobile Internet era, BAHEAL has completed its ecological layout and developed into a resource optimization platform in the health industry, integrating global brand ecosystem, intelligent application ecosystem, medical service ecosystem and investment ecosystem.


Global Brand Ecosystem

       The global brand ecosystem, taking BAHEAL Pharmaceutical as its principal part, has 10 branches, 50 agencies, over 12,000 large and medium-sized cooperative hospitals, over 1,200 medicine wholesale companies, over 230,000 drug stores, which all together make up a strong marketing network and a modern medicine logistics distribution platform in accordance with the new GSP, by which, not only overseas quality brands were imported into China, but also Chinese brands were pushed into international market with the advantage of low cost. Through mature marketing mode and precise dissemination means, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical has successively created many well-known brands at home and abroad such as D-cal, Mite, Fuzheng Huayu Decoction, Nutrasumma and Chengshan Tang.

Intelligent Application Ecosystem

       As the leader of new medical informatization in China, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology is committed to improving health through science and technology, and takes the lead in achieving software SAAS, hospital beyond HIS and intelligence-based decision. In collaboration with international leading enterprises, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology has established “three terminals, two clouds and one platform” via “Component Introduction + Solution Integration” with artificial intelligence (AI) as breakthrough, providing governments, hospitals, pharmaceutical enterprises, drug stores, doctors and patients with solutions to realizing intelligence: BSmartD - Intelligent Doctor end, YFG (App) - Prescription Sharing end, DOCTOR PDA ,EXAM- Doctor's learning end, Mirror Marketing Cloud - solution to digital marketing, Bodhi Cloud Platform - solution to medical information integration. All of these will be jointly applied to promote the reform of Chinese medical system, integrate the medical resources and optimize the diagnosis and treatment efficiency with the view to eventually helping governments and hospitals to realize the utilization of resources to the fullest, helping doctors to develop into excellent intelligent doctors in the new era, and helping patients to enjoy the diagnosis and treatment services “in line with the world caliber yet avoiding the trouble of going out”.

Medical Service Ecosystem

       Bodhi Health Group, as the core in the field of medical service ecosystem, is equipped with comprehensive hospital planning and construction capability, advanced intelligent hospital management concept, professional hospital information system, and sound medical talent training and output system, and manages to improve the operation and management efficiency of hospitals, release the value of doctors and provide overall solutions to the construction and operation of medical institutions on the basis of hospital investment and trusteeship and with the support of intelligent medical tools while centering on contracted doctors.
       The physical medical institution of the Bodhi Health Group, as an intelligent medical center on one hand, has increased its treatment level through artificial intelligence tools to better serve patients. As a platform for physicians to achieve their self-value on the other hand, it also acts as a training base for medical and health care professionals. The BAHEAL Properties, positioned as a professional institution for the overall operation of medical properties, is committed to the planning and construction of health industry parks by driving real estate development with medical services and supporting medical services with real estate development.

Investment Ecosystem

       Committed to serving entrepreneurship and supporting innovation and surrounding the demand for the Group’s strategic development, the financial ecosystem has focused on controlling the key links along the industry chain and the main creative links along the value chain by working actively on an innovative layout in new industries, models and technologies. In the meantime, as an incubator of innovative medical and health care enterprises, significant efforts are being made to build a professional, market-oriented and regulated open fund management platform which is to be devoted to investment in the upgrading of medical and health care consumption. The financial ecosystem also aims to provide support in terms of industry resources both at home and abroad, funding, brand, marketing and management for investing enterprises by relying on its rich industry experience so as to facilitate the formation of a core competitive edge of the invested enterprises and the establishment of a decision-making mechanism on major issues.